5 Ways to Get an Internship

Want to know how I’ve had an internship since I was 15?
Here are my tips!

1.Research, research, and some more research

It’s important to first determine what field you’re interested in. If you know that you want to have a career in law, then go to some effort to figure out what type of law you’re interested in and who is the best at it. Make sure you put some effort into finding out what the general public feels about this company to know what you’re getting into. Go to local events that have to do with your area and see what they have to offer.


2. Ask around

Ask your parents, teachers, neighbors, anyone! You’ll be surprised to find out how willing other people are to help you find a summer internship. Remember, it’s more about who you know than what you know. Make sure to work on those networking skills and having contacts in a variety of different fields.


3.Build that Resume

Make sure to have all previous work experience and list of achievements ready to go. Employers understand that you may not have a ton of work experience at a young age, but they do expect to see that you were involved in something in school, and hopefully relating to your major! It’s important to try and show that you have a variety of different skills or organizations you belong to. Be sure to list any skills you have whether that be that you can speak Spanish or are a wiz at photoshop.


4. Be Eager

Attitude is everything. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be engaged. If you don’t invest yourself into finding the right internship for you, then it likely won’t shake out. No employer wants to hire you as an intern if you’re not enthusiastic about the work.


5. Utilize Social Media

Create a LinkedIn profile to help with the search and you can put up a post on Facebook seeing if anyone is looking for a summer intern. Social media makes it easy to find what companies are offering internships.