What to Pack: Mexico Edition

If you’re like me, you are notorious for overpacking for any vacation. But, I think I have some tips and tricks for how to pack light and optimize space. This year, I’m doing a girls trip with my mom to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, (cue all the excitement!!). We are leaving this Sunday out of Dallas and are running around to get everything we need packed. I think we have compiled all the necessary things to pack for a super fun trip to Mexico!


We are going to Playa del Carmen and have two excursions planned. We are going to the Mayan ruin sites for one day and we are going to a lagoon with cliff jumping, ziplining, and lounging around the next. So, we kept that in mind when we packed for this trip.


We packed 4 nice outfits for dinner and picture purposes. We got the majority of our outfits from J. Crew and packed colorful tops and paired them with neutral shorts. For the excursions, we packed 2 outfits of lululemon shorts with a t shirt and our bathing suit underneath. I found that the best way to save space in a suitcase is to roll the clothing and pack them into a gallon sized ziploc bag. I would roll an outfit into each gallon sized ziploc bag and mark on the outside what day I would wear it. I know that may sound silly, but it really helps when trying to make sure you have enough outfits for days you’ll be there.


The shoes that we brought were our Chacos for excursions and then we brought neutral sandals to pair with every outfit. A tip for packing tennis shoes is to put all the socks inside the shoes to cut down on space in the luggage.


In addition to all the outfits, we both will share shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo, that sort of thing. She and I both get eaten alive by bugs, so we were sure to pack bug spray and sunscreen.


After all the basics, we are packing our Nikon camera and our GoPro to take photos and video. We were sure to pack headphones, chargers, and all of our devices.


Make sure to pack only the clothes that you need because you will more than likely buy t shirts and other souvenirs and want to make sure that you have the space to take it home!


Hopefully those are some little tips that will guide you on what to pack for your next beach trip!

Author: allymincher

My name is Ally Mincher and I am currently a marketing student at the University of Oklahoma and I’m absolutely loving it. I remember going into college nervous and excited, and quite honestly not knowing what to expect. My brother is 8 years older than I am, so surely things have changed from when he left the nest. After my first year of college, I decided I wanted to start documenting my college experience and hopefully give some relief to incoming freshman. I’ll describe the ins and outs of college life and share what I wish I knew during these experiences.

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